NEW Strength & HIIT Cardio Program Launches Monday, July 16th.  Join Our Accountability Group and Get Support!

As a busy working mom, I have little time to schlep to the gym and workout for an hour or more.  I need quick and convenient workouts that challenge me and get the job done.  I’m excited about the new LIIFT4 fitness program that my team, clients and I will be starting on Monday, July 16th.  It’s the perfect combination of strength training and high intensity cardio so that you are building muscle, training your heart and burning tons of calories.  Are you busy like me and looking for a program like this?  Let’s do the program together!  

You can workout at home (or outside or at the gym) for just 30-40 minutes, four days per week and get amazing results with minimal time.  In addition to workouts, you’ll get a nutrition plan and the supplements needed for a complete body transformation in just 8-weeks. The moves are based on classic lifting techniques that let you isolate, stabilize, and focus each rep on the muscle group you’re working. Every workout is 30–40 minutes and ends with a quick core routine.  There is a modifier for each workout and someone showing you how to use bands if you don’t have dumbbells and/or are traveling.  Yes, you can do these workouts even if you still have Summer vacations in your future! 

Meet our trainer Joel Freeman and get a sneak peek at the workouts here: LIIFT4

Below are some of the exciting results from the test group!  

If you are feeling “blah” like I am post vacations and holidays and are ready for a quick Summer tune-up, let’s do this program together!  When you select me as your coach upon purchasing your program, you’ll not only get coaching from me but you’ll also have access to my team’s private online accountability group where we’ll keep you inspired, learning and achieving great results!  There are different package options depending on your needs and preferences and whether or not you are already a Beachbody On Demand member with me.  Complete this interest form and I’ll send you package options and can answer any additional questions you have. 

Let’s reboot our health together and end the Summer fitter than we began it!

xoxo, Heather

PS ~ Join me in the Thrive Tribe Online Health Club for regular fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips and inspiration.  This is my version of a virtual health and wellness studio where you can learn and connect with myself and other fitness enthusiasts!