Feel Fit, Energized, Present & Confident This Holiday Season!

Next to Summer break, the Holiday season is one of the most challenging times of the year for us busy women to stay on track with our workouts and healthier eating habits.  For me, the Holiday Season begins about a week or so before Halloween and lingers on until the second week in January.  YIKES! That’s a 2-3 month timeframe which is enough time to do some damage to our physique and health if we aren’t paying attention! (See below how much weight I gained in 2 months over the Summer because I was too lax)  

With all of the added activities, events and “to do’s”, we feel crunched for time.  It becomes easy for us to start skipping workouts, especially if it’s takes us more than 30-45 minutes to get it done.  We also are presented with many more opportunities to indulge in treats, decadent foods, celebratory cocktails and warm comfort drinks.

Most people will gain weight during the holiday season so if you tend to do the same, you are not alone!! Some people will gain as much as 5-15 pounds because of all of those skipped workouts and added indulgences that add up over time.

When we splurge too much and fill our bodies with junky foods, we not only gain-weight but we start to lose energy, mental clarity and confidence.  Then, when we are spending time with our family and friends, we aren’t feeling like our best selves. 

What if we could work together to help you (and me!) stay on track during the holidays this year? What if you went into 2019, feeling the fittest you’ve been all year?  What if you had abundant energy and felt truly present during the holidays and were able to better manage your stress?

When you join my “Healthy and Fit for the Holidays” program, you are going to receive all of the tools and support you need to make this holiday season healthy and fulfilling!  You will receive quick and simple workouts you can do anywhere.  You’ll also receive nutrition guidelines, tool, recipes and tips to avoid weight gain while still enjoying holiday treats!  You’ll get coaching from me and access to several of my online coaching groups where you’ll find support, guidance and motivation to stay on track! 

Here is a glimpse of what you’ll get with the “Healthy & Fit for the Holidays” program:
  • 3-Month access to over 1,000 workouts that you can stream from your computer, iphone, ipad or TV hookups. You can do your workouts anytime and anywhere that fits your schedule and preferences. Many workouts are 30 minutes or less and don’t require much equipment, if any.  There are lots of different fitness styles and formats to choose from. Upgrade to a 12-month membership for just $20 more! 
  • Either the “Ultimate Portion Fix” or “2B Mindset” Nutrition Program. Each program includes recipes, online educational videos, guidebooks and access to our nutrition app for tracking, meal ideas and more. I’ve followed both nutrition programs and have had success with both! Below is a quick comparison of the two: 

Ultimate Portion Fix

2B Mindset

External Control (containers)

Internal Controls (mindset)

Structured with some flexibility

More Flexible

Specific Portion Guidelines

General Behavioral Guidelines

Portioned eating

Volume eating

Portion Container-based

Eyeball method


  • You’ll also receive 24-30 delicious superfood shakes that you can use as a simple meal or snack while on the go. If you tend to skip breakfast, this is a great place to insert your superfoods.  If you experience low energy or cravings in the afternoon, have your superfoods then! You’ll have access to a ton of recipes (including seasonal recipes) to keep your shakes fun and interesting! You can continue receiving your monthly supply of superfood shakes to help you through December and on into the New Year! Postpone or cancel at any time.    
  • Two group coaching calls with me! One will kick-start us in November and one will be held around Thanksgiving to keep us motivated, accountable and on track.
  • Access to my 10 Day “Attitude of Gratitude” online accountability group. This 10 day program will have us checking in daily on our workouts, superfood shakes and nutrition and will include daily coaching and inspiration from myself and my coaching team.  Dates of this group are Monday, November 5th – Wednesday, November 14th.  
  • Access to my “12 Days of Fitness” online challenge in December. This program will focus on daily fitness and healthy habits that will give you energy and help reduce stress (and weight) during the holiday party period.  Dates for this challenge are Monday, December 3rd –  Friday, December 14th.
  • Two Guest Passes for two of your friends/family members to join you in the “12 Days of Fitness” challenge for FREE!
  • Access to my ongoing healthy lifestyle community on Facebook (for women only).
  • AMP IT UP OPTION: Do the 3-Day Refresh cleanse post-Thanksgiving weekend as a way to reboot and lose a few pounds after the feasting weekend! Cost is just $40 more and includes your food guide, shakes and 3-days of guidance from me to help you get through the program successfully.

The total value of everything in this program is $597 but you’ll get it all for just $140-$240 depending on the programs/package you choose. 

I created the “Healthy & Fit for the Holidays” program because I was too loose with my routine over the Summer and gained 8 pounds!! It left me feeling defeated and not so great about myself. I don’t want you to experience the same weight gain, low energy and poor digestion that I did from too many splurges and skipped workouts.  I’ve had to work hard to get back to my preferred body size since the Summer and personally want to avoid going down that path again.  I’m here to share with you what I’m doing to stay on track and support you on the journey! 

If you want to stay fit and healthy this holiday season, then I look forward to having you part of my “Healthy & Fit for the Holidays” program.  You will feel energized, stress-free, grateful and present for the holidays and will head into the New Year in your best shape yet!

Let’s stay healthy and fit together this holiday season!


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FREE GIFT with purchase for early birds!! When you complete your purchase and registration by Friday, October 26th you will receive a $10-$15 Amazon gift card (based on package purchase) as a “thank you” for choosing and trusting me as you Healthy Holiday Coach!

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Here’s to your healthiest holiday season yet!

XOXO, Heather Glenn

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