I gained 8lbs. in 2 months…7 tips to prevent this from happening to you this holiday season…

Boy did I have an incredible Summer traveling and enjoying time with my family and friends! It was the first opportunity in my career as an entrepreneur that I was able to take more time off to spend with my kids.  It was almost like I was on Summer break from school!  

I let the Summer get the best of me though as I ended up gaining 8 pounds, completely zapping my energy and throwing off my digestive system.  One skipped workout and one splurge after the next lead me down a path I later regretted.  

I first had an indication of the weight gain when my jeans started to feel tight around my thighs and waist (blah).  My muffin top had become super-sized and I started choosing active wear over jeans more often!  

Then I jumped on the dreaded scale to do a “check-in’ as soon as the boys started back up at school.  And yep, guess what? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I was up those 8 pounds. 

I realized, in hindsight, that I went into my Summer without having a solid plan to keep me on track.  I didn’t have a plan for monitoring and minimizing the damage of my travels, dinning out and nightly sipping of wine.  

And because I didn’t have the normal accountability, support and reminders that I normally do when I’m running my online coaching groups, I wasn’t getting my workouts in as often or practicing many of my healthy nutrition and weight maintenance strategies.  

So, I’ve been working hard the past two months to take off some of the weight, to improve my energy and to better my digestion.  

For me, the holidays are just as challenging as the Summer.  The treats and special events start to flow in around Halloween week and then there really isn’t an end until a week or so after the New Year.  I definitely don’t want to go down that path again, so I’m making a plan!

If you’d like to borrow some tips from my plan 😉 here they are:

  1.   Always choose a pre-designed fitness program to follow.  This is a program that comes with a calendar of workouts or routines for each day of the week (including which days you are to rest and recover).  Most of us feel good about checking off boxes so we stay more accountable to a program that is specific like this.  You may want to follow online fitness programs that you can do at home like I do or, you may have a trainer who can lay out a plan for you.  You may also feel comfortable creating your own plan mixing in runs, classes, weight sessions, etc.  If you choose this option, just be sure to be SPECIFIC.
  2.   Get your workout in first thing in the morning so that the day’s events and obligations don’t get in the way of you getting your sweat session in.  20-30 minutes most days (4-5) is all you need to see results and stay strong and energized!
  3.   “Water First” – Drink 16 ounces of water before your feet hit the floor each morning.  After sleeping all night, you are dehydrated and that leads to low energy and sugar cravings.  Getting water in right away rehydrates you, boosts your energy and helps you make better food choices.  Plus you are partially full before you start digging into breakfast.   
  4.   Get to bed by 10pm most nights.  Sleep deprivation is the worst for you if you are trying to lose or maintain weight.  Like dehydration, a tired body craves sweets and carbs for quick energy.  Plus, a night of poor sleep leads to elevated hunger hormones and lower satiation hormones.  This means you’ll feel hungrier and you might even feel hungry after you’ve eaten because your body isn’t registering that you feel full.  Get those zzz’s and remember the hours between 10pm-2am are worth 2 hours of sleep had from 2am – 8am.  
  5.   Ensure you are fueling your body with tons of nutrients and balanced nutrition to avoid feeling hungry and craving foods.  If you are skipping meals this is no bueno!  You need to find quick and powerful meals and snacks to keep your body nourished so you don’t turn into Mrs. Pacman eating everything in sight.  Taking time to meal plan, shop and prep is ideal.  Having something like a superfood shake, leftovers, fruits, chopped veggies and nuts on hand also helps.  
  6.   Choose when it’s most important to have a celebratory drink or treat.  Ask yourself “DINTEO” or “DINTDO”… “Do I Need THIS Eating/Drinking Opportunity”.  It’s okay to have a drink at a special dinner or at a social event or to enjoy a seasonal treat.  Just prioritize so that you only have the ones that are most important or satisfying to you.
  7.   Find some accountability to ensure you complete your workouts and make healthier choices as often as you can while enjoying the holidays.  Committing to staying fit with others and having people around you supporting you and cheering you on is so critical to your success. If you don’t have this at home or amongst your friend/work community, join a fitness or healthy eating group online.  I am running two groups over the next two month to help my clients stay accountable and to keep fitness and good food choices top of mind!  (email me or see below for my “Healthy & Fit for the “Holidays” program)

These are just a few things that I’m personally kicking into place with Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s to follow. I hope you will benefit from trying these too!  

I have a ton more tips and holiday tricks that I’ll be sharing as part of my “Healthy & Fit for the Holidays” program that opened for registration today.  I want to invite you to be part of this program that spans November & December as a way for you to stay on track with your health and fitness so that you feel energized, confident and present this holiday season.  And, you won’t be looking at an 8 pound weight gain come January!!

Click Here To learn more about this program, start your registration and snag the early registration gift!

PS ~ I’m redoing the 80 Day fitness and nutrition program that I did earlier this year that help me get to my pre-Summer body above.  I’m starting Monday, for anyone who wants to do it alongside me!  You can choose this as part of your “Healthy & Fit for the Holidays” program plan.

Here’s to making this a healthy and joyful holidays season!

xoxo, Heather Glenn

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