“Heather is a terrific health coach and business mentor who has provided me encouragement and positive support. Her ability to challenge me and keep me accountable has been instrumental in reaching my own health goals while excelling at my business goals. Heather’s reciprocal coaching style has allowed me to learn, practice and teach the skills necessary to grow a successful coaching business and grow my own team through leadership development.”

Kristine Barret

  • Get Fit
  • Help Others
  • Build Your Own Business
  • Secure Your Financial Future
  • Meet New Friends AND…
  • Create A Life You Love…. All At Once!

You can achieve all of these goals by joining The Fit Republic Team and becoming a fitness and wellness coach on my team. 


Let me ask you…

Does the thought of surrounding yourself with other like-minded fitness enthusiasts sound energizing to you?  Would your fitness journey be more fun and successful with a group of accountability partners by your side?  If so, then becoming a Beachbody coach on my team, could be for you.

Have you ever considered getting involved in the health and fitness industry, maybe as a career or maybe just for the fun of it?  Maybe you’ve considered it but weren’t sure where you would even begin, or if you could fit it into your busy schedule, or if you would be qualified, or if you would even “fit the mold.”  Becoming a Beachbody coach on my team, could be for you.

Maybe you currently work in the health and fitness industry and are wondering what it might be like to have your own business, a stronger brand, an online presence and the ability to create a more flexible schedule with unlimited income?  Becoming a Beachbody coach on my team, could be for you.

Whether you are a fitness professional, a fitness enthusiast or a fitness beginner, there is a place on my team for you.  I can help you build a healthy lifestyle and a successful coaching business that fits your goals and schedule and uses your unique experience, skills and gifts.

When I left my corporate finance career and became a fitness professional, I had little experience, no qualifications and no mentors.  I found my own way and built several successful businesses from the ground up but…. I ran into a lot of road bumps along the way.   My goal is to help you build a rewarding career, business and life using many of the lessons I’ve learned along the way to save you time and frustration. 

Learn How You Can Become A Fitness and Wellness Coach and Member of The Fit Republic Team!

Receive my mentorship and ongoing support with your health, career and business goals as well as receive guidance and camaraderie from my team of leaders and health coaches.  Our team not only focuses on health and business but also on personal growth, self-discovery, family, relationships and self-care.  We thrive on connection, encouragement, spirituality, fun and adventure!  

Are you ready to become a member of The Fit Republic Team?

Why should I consider becoming a coach?

  • A healthy and fit lifestyle is important to me (even though I may not be where I want to be with it yet).
  • I want to learn more about health and fitness.
  • I want to be surrounded by other women who making living fit a priority.
  • I want to make a meaningful impact on my family’s health, in my community and around the world.
  • I want to grow personally and professionally.
  • I want to create more immediate and long-term financial strength for my family.
  • I want to work on a team with other driven, entrepreneurial women.
  • I want to have my own business and nest egg.
  • I want flexible work hours and a flexible workload.
  • I want to be able to work from home, Starbucks, the park or anywhere my life takes me.
  • I enjoy my current career but also love fitness and would like to get involved in health and fitness as a hobby job.
  • I want to leave my current career and build a part or full-time fitness career.
  • I am a personal trainer or fitness instructor and want to strengthen my brand and client offerings.
  • I own or manage a fitness boot camp, studio or gym and want to provide more value for my members while creating an additional income stream in the business.
  • I want more time freedom and more control over HOW I spend my time….doing the things I truly love!

“Heather helped me to believe in myself and showed me that I had the power to create my own business success while doing what I love, helping people achieve their health and wellness goals! Heather is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and helped me with the tools I needed to navigate social media and networking. I really appreciate how down-to-earth, approachable and passionate Heather is about helping people! ”

Beth Marcondes

From burnt out fitness professional and business owner…

To inspired & thriving health coach and online entrepreneur

Six years ago, I wasn’t looking to add anything new to my plate.  My schedule was FULL.  I was already an overworked fitness business owner and mom to two boys who were both under 5 years old.  But, my business was struggling after the 2008 housing market crash and my family was hurting financially.  I needed to bring more income the family but couldn’t possibly squeeze any more LIVE training hours or “side jobs” into my schedule.  I was already missing out on seeing my kids from 5am-6pm every day.

Then, one day, a Beachbody coach approached me about the coaching opportunity after she found my boot camp website through a Google search.  She was also a fitness professional and had been using Beachbody as a way to help her clients get better results.  In return, Beachbody was compensating her for using their programs and products.  She was able to help people in her community as well as others across the country using these programs.  As I spoke to her and others on her team, I became intrigued by the opportunity to build an online brand and a stronger financial future for my family.

Fast-forward 6 years later… I replaced my boot camp business income with my Beachbody income and made the decision to sell my boot camp business so that I could spend more time with my boys who were 6 and 8 at the time.  Now I get to be present at many of their school, sport and social events and more importantly I’m not the tired, unhappy and burnt out mom that I used to be.  I never expected to run my fitness business completely online but because I was open to where the Beachbody business opportunity could take me, a door and opened for my family and me that has brought much joy and happiness to our family.  It’s been an incredible opportunity and I’d love for you to experience it too!

One of the biggest benefits I gained by becoming a coach is having access to a team of entrepreneurs and mentors who support me in my growth.  This was something I never had while running my other businesses.  Another HUGE benefit I’ve received is the continued focus on personal development and growth by both Beachbody and my team of coaches.  I have grown into a better coach, leader, friend, wife, mother and self-care taker since becoming part of Team Beachbody. 

You can learn more about my story by visiting the “About Me” page or by joining my team’s Beachbody business opportunity info group.  In this group you’ll learn more about this business, our team and the health coaching opportunity. 

In one sentence, Coaches inspire and facilitate healthy change.  How?

We role model healthy behaviors and we look for and share resources to help others on the journey.  We encourage people when they take steps in the right direction and we support them when times are challenging. 

We are not perfect when it comes to health and fitness, in fact, we share when we fail and how we work to overcome those failures.  Through our struggles we teach others to give themselves grace, pick themselves up and move forward.

We invite others to “try on” a healthy lifestyle, to practice self-care, to make time for themselves and to create a happier and more rewarding life. 

If you are a health and fitness professional, you already do this but now you can have MORE TOOLS in your toolbox and can reach MORE PEOPLE by partnering with Beachbody.  You don’t become Beachbody as a brand, you create your own brand as a fitness expert but recommend Beachbody’s tools to assist your clients in getting better results.  Just like you’d recommend your favorite pair of shoes, fitness equipment, sports watch or workout gear, you’ll recommend your favorite “off day” workouts, nutritional tools and sports performance products…only now you’ll get paid to do it.

To learn more about the coaching opportunity and what we do as coaches, join our online informational group by clicking on the button below:

Here Are Many Common Questions:

  • Do I have to have a health or fitness degree, certification or experience?
  • How do I earn as a Beachbody Health Coach?
  • Do I have to “show up” anywhere or am I required to work certain hours?
  • I’m already busy, how many hours per week can I expect to invest in my business?
  • What type of training and support will I get?
  • How much does it cost to become a coach?
  • Do I have to be good at selling?  

To get the answers to these questions and more, simply fill out this brief FORM and you will be added to our online informational group where you can watch a few short videos and ask questions in the group. If you don’t get all of your questions answered there, I’ll be available to give you whatever additional information you need to make the right choice for you.

Each month I look to mentor 5 woman who want to create a healthy body, a business they love and a life with more time freedom and adventure.  If you are passionate, driven, motivated and independent, I’m ready to mentor you! 

Keep in mind you don’t need to be a fitness or nutrition expert or to have ever run a business.  You just need to be willing to learn, grow, take action and be open to discovering a new more powerful you.

I am now accepting applications for my next training and mentoring program!  I ONLY have 5 open spots, so please fill out this application if you’re interested in joining the Fit Republic Team and having me as your mentor. 

Need more info?  Join our online informational group by completing this brief form

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