Sleek and Sexy Abs – FREE

Strengthen and define your mid-section with my 3 favorite “do-anywhere” core circuits. Plus, get my “Flat Belly” food list and my top 5 daily practices for scorching body fat and carving a sexy mid-section!

Energy Infusion! 7-Day Energy & Metabolism Boosting Program – $11

This program is for anyone who is feeling sluggish, weighed-down and struggling to lose stubborn body fat.  You don’t have a lot of time and you are confused by where to begin to make change.  You need simple, easy to maintain steps to finally feel great in your body and have the energy to ferociously pursue your goals and joyfully live your life.

My 7-Day “Energy Infusion” program comes with 5 quick and simple workouts you can do anywhere, an energy boosting meal guide with recipes and 7 energy-boosting lessons with action items that you can easily infuse into your day for success!

After completing this 7-Day program you’ll have the results, energy and momentum you need to keep fine tuning and building your ideal healthy lifestyle.

Monthly Online Health & Fitness Coaching Groups

Do you know why weight watchers and boot camp programs are so successful with helping people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals?  ACCOUNTABILITY and GROUP SUPPORT! 

As a participant in my online health and fitness coaching groups, you’ll receive daily tips and guidance from me (in a private App) to help you navigate your way towards your healthiest body.  Plus, you’ll get camaraderie and support from fellow coaches and group participants in a fun and motivating team environment!      

I host groups monthly with varied lengths and themes so you can choose what works best for your goals and schedule!

21-Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse & Detox

This program is for anyone who needs a clean break from unhealthy habits and wants an internal reset.  If you’ve been struggling with unhealthy eating habits, an overdependence on caffeine, junk food, or alcohol…or if you’ve been experiencing low energy and a sluggish feeling…or if you just can’t seem to get your body fat to budge, this program is for you!! 

The Ultimate Reset is your step-by-step, 21-day guide to achieving all of these results.  As your support team, I’ll be here to help you navigate the program and successfully complete it; leaving your body lighter, more energized and completely refreshed!

Vitality Project (one-on-one coaching)

This program is for people who want to overhaul or fine tune their daily health habits and have an individualized approach to healing and energizing their bodies so they can live a super-charged and fulfilling life.

We begin with an extensive personal health intake, an energy hormone lab panel and an in depth discussion of your top health complaints and top health goals.  We’ll connect once per week for 8 weeks, via video conference or phone, to cover many key areas for optimizing your energy, metabolism and overall health. 

Topics include sleep, hydration, exercise, healing nutrition practices, portion management, your primal eating pattern, stress management, life satisfaction, digestive health, detoxification, rebalancing hormones and more.

Online Healthy Living Courses

My online healthy living courses cover various health, fitness, nutrition and mindset topics. They are self-paced and you will have access to these courses for life once purchased. In my online course hub, you’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback from me as you go through the material to ensure you achieve success through the program!

Fit Republic Team – Embrace Healthy Living & Become a Health Ambassador

Do you enjoy living a healthy, active lifestyle?  Or, maybe you aren’t there yet but you dream of a life full of energy and vitality and being part of a fitness community.  Or maybe you are a fitness professional seeking career support, business growth or camaraderie?  Whether you are a weekend warrior, fitness professional or fitness newbie, our team can support you in your goals and give you the opportunity to pay it forward to others!

As a fitness ambassador on our team, you’ll embrace healthy living, receive support and accountability with your own fitness and have the opportunity to inspire others to get healthy alongside you. As an ambassador or virtual health coach with our team, you will not only experience all of these benefits but you’ll also have the opportunity to earn extra income by sharing what you’re doing to live healthy and inviting others to join you.

You don’t have to be a fitness expert to be a great fitness ambassador but, if you do work in health and fitness, then this is a slam-dunk for you! 

Learn more about our fit family and the opportunity to turn your passion for fitness into a second income.

Business Mentoring

Want to start a career in health, fitness or nutrition and not sure where to begin?  Do you love your current career but think it would be fun to dabble in fitness as a hobby job?  Or, are you a fitness professional, boot camp or studio owner who wants to build a stronger business, create a national brand or build an online program?

With over 16 years in the fitness industry and having built several highly successful fitness businesses from the ground up, I can help you navigate the ins-and-outs of starting or growing a business that not only pays you well but brings you joy and offers you more time freedom.  Let’s get you working smarter not harder, creating the impact you desire and the lifestyle you deserve!

“Doing your 21-day challenge has really focused my attention on changing all of the things that needed changing: Better food choices, smaller portions, minimal alcohol, better sleep routine, regular exercise routine. After almost 3 weeks on the challenge, I’m definitely feeling better, losing weight and now doing all the things I know I should do but never quite seem to do all together, and the challenge is the keystone to all that. Tony Horton’s workouts in P90X3 are pretty awesome too! In June, I’ll be riding my bike to LA (545 miles, 7 days) as part of the AIDS/Lifecycle fundraising ride, this challenge has helped me prepare for this ride. ”

Jordan A.

“I can’t believe a month has gone by and the challenge is already over. I feel stronger and it feels good! Your 30-day challenge has helped me create healthy habits like packing meals/snacks for the day, and sticking to a healthy carb, lean protein, and healthy fat at each meal. Also, bringing Shakeology back into my diet has helped with cravings for sweets and improved digestion!”

Amy N.

“Omg! I just listened to day 1 of your sugar detox program. It was amazing! I feel like it’s the culmination of science, nutrition and emotional information that I have read bits of separately but all in a clear easy to understand motivating way! Bravo!! Can’t wait to hear the others!! You are a wise woman!”

Margaret Brockman

“I’ve had the opportunity to work one on one with Heather as a success mentor. Her ideas would blow my mind. As another mom, I find that I am still learning how to think big in the busy of mom life and Heather’s mentoring would help me go out of the box and emphasize consistency and greatness in my work. 

When she gives me ideas, I can see that they are truly from my perspective and that means that she’s taken the time to know me and listens when I talk about how and with whom I hope to make an impact.

Starting my own online business is totally new to me and having Heather outline the steps to create a solid foundation has helped me to begin key processes to launch something I could never see myself doing without support. 

She’s resourceful, resilient and full of different angles to reach the main goal, which I believe is her greatest asset.”

Genevieve Desuasido